The deportation of June 14, 1941, in the cities and parishes of Latvia. The database of the State Archives of Latvia has been used in the preparation of these maps. The map shows the proportion of local populations that was deported.


The initial areas of custody and settlement of deportees in the territory of the former USSR. The map shows camps where deportees were held in custody, prisons that housed deportees and in which death sentences were often commuted, and settlements* in which deportees lived.

    * A settlement was a form of punishment in the USSR, by which a person was forcefully made to move from his/her residence to another specific place or region. Such settlement took palce without a trial or proof of guilt or offence. Certain ethnic and social groups, as well as whole nations, were subjected to settlement in the 1930-50s in the former USSR.

    Cartographer Ronalds Krūmiņš.