The first part of collection "Devastated Land", prepared by the State Archives of Latvia in 1995, includes documentary evidences about tremendous detriment to cultural environment of Latvia done by USSR militarists. The next issue - 2nd part of the collection "Devastated Land" comprises documents that reveal the facts about damage made by USSR militarists to Latvia's land.

          The third part of document collection summarizes documents bearing evidences about USSR militarists arbitrariness and long-term stay in Riga city.

          The published documents cover the time period from the June of 1940 till January 27, 1989. During their in-road in Latvia on June 17, 1940 USSR occupational army chose Riga city as its main site. Residential houses as well as household buildings, quarters of Latvian Army, storehouses, sport and culture establishments were taken in possession of the Army to meet its needs. USSR militarists occupied schools, children’s homes and medical establishments. Their need for dwelling space and storehouses grew day by day. In all the cases local government satisfied the needs of USSR militarists. Resolution No.8 taken by LSSR Council of People Commissars on April 9, 1941 about delivery of buildings to the balance of the USSR People Commissariat of Defence was especially disastrous. On the basis of this resolution all the houses and buildings in which at that time were disposed units of the Red Army Riga Garrison and which previously belonged to the Ministry of War of the Republic of Latvia, as well as the premises of the civil institutions and private persons that were misappropriated by USSR military authorities were delivered to the militarists. Documents bear evidences about the legal offences and, in some cases, indictable offences committed by soldiers and officers.

          At the end of the 2nd World War when different kind of Red Army divisions, quarters, administrative and special services gathered in Riga the situation in Riga became especially complicated. "Liberators" tried to inappropriate, plunder and devastate everything in Riga possibly. Red Army's high command did not seem to be in hurry to remove the military forces out of city, vice verse - they continued to send to Riga even new military forces and to open military educational establishments. In  summer 1945 Baltic Military District  headquarters, including  innumerable administrations and organizations, were disposed in Riga, which caused especially baneful consequences. Riga turned into abode for USSR Military Navy, Ministry of State Security, Ministry of the Interior, boarder guards and other military divisions, place for military schools and military storehouses. In many cases the premises, which USSR militarists took liking to, were occupied arbitrary, without asking permission to the local governments.

          According  to the colonization and russification policy carried out by USSR in Latvia, USSR central authorities supported flow of ex - service officers  to Riga. They were supplied with flats with all amenities and granted other social privileges.

          For this collection we have selected documents reflecting the arbitrariness of USSR militarists in Riga, to characterize their imperialistic and chauvinistic attitude towards the city and its inhabitants.

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