Authorities and Dissidents

Protests and Demands for Human Rights

Ideology and the Individual

Charter 77 -
the Inspiration for the Baltic Charter

The Road to Freedom

Exhibition was prepared by

Ritvars Jansons,
Exhibition Concept
Iveta Šķiņķe,
Selection of Documents
Guntis Švītiņš,
Visual Concept, Design, Photos
Mārtiņš Eizentāls,
Web Development
Ainars Mazvērsītis,
Web Development
State Archives of Latvia
Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in the Czech Republic
Institute of Contemporary History at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Latvian State Commission on the Establishment of the Number of Victims and Locations of Mass Graves of the Totalitarian Communist Occupation Regime of the USSR, the Collection of Information about Repressive Measures and Mass Deportations, and the Calculation of Losses Inflicted on the Latvian Nation
Slovak Culture Club
Journal „Listy Slovákov a Čechov (ktorí chcú o sebe vedieť)”

Translation: Amanda Jātniece, Gatis Karlsons